Virtual Ballet Birthday Party!

Raymonda’s having a very special birthday…and so are you!!!

Come dance through her magical ballet birthday story!

Did you know that there’s a beautiful ballet that takes place all at a Birthday Party? It’s called Raymonda, and like every ballet class with Academy of Ballet and Etiquette, we can learn steps, technique and manners by dancing through the ballet’s magical story!

Dear Parents,

In this 25 minute set of videos, we warm up, dance like Raymonda, perform four ballet steps, bow with grace and enjoy a puppet story.

This virtual birthday party is our free gift to you and your child. If you would like to order a ballet party dress up gift bag to go along with this party click here.

This series is geared toward 3-6 year olds.

(If you prefer a YouTube playlist that auto-plays each video, click here.)

Start your virtual Birthday Ballet Party Here!

Introduction to your virtual ballet birthday party.
The four steps for your virtual ballet birthday party.
Ballet party warm up.
Raymonda’s ballet birthday party.
Raymonda puppet story.

If you would like to watch a full production of the Raymonda ballet here is one that I recommend: watch Raymonda on YouTube

Happy Birthday to you!!! 💓 Warmly, Miss Sara

The Academy of Ballet & Etiquette brings ballet and manners to Silicon Valley schools and offers online classes for children 3 to 10 years old.

Ballet Party Dress Up Gift Bag $20 including tax & shipping

Complete your child’s birthday party with all the dress up props used to dance the birthday ballet.

Packages are sent via USPS Priority mail. Please allow 7-10 days for processing and postal delivery.

Ballet Party Dress Up Gift Bag includes:

  • Personalized birthday card signed by Miss Sara
  • 2 roses which Raymonda picks up as she enters her party
  • 1 Tulle scarf which Jean gives Raymonda for her birthday
  • 1 beaded necklace which Prince Abderman gives Raymonda for her birthday
  • 1 inflatable sword which the men use to duel over Raymonda
  • 1 tiara which Raymonda wears to her wedding

The cost including tax and shipping is $20.00. U.S. addresses only.