Academy of Ballet & Etiquette classes at Cupertino preschools.

CREC Preschool
Thursdays from 11:15 AM to 11:45 AM
CREC stands for Christian Righteousness Education Center and the program is dedicated to providing a high quality Montessori program to its bilingual (Chinese language) children. The Cupertino Preschool campus is part of the Union Church of Cupertino and benefits from sharing facilities. The teachers are peaceful and observant and create a quiet and focused environment for their kind and frisky children.

To enroll in classes at this school, complete a registration form and drop it in the box on the school office door.  Then click here to set up recurrent dance tuition payments for CREC.

Village Little Preschool
Wednesdays 9:30-10:00 AM

Village Little Preschool is affiliated with the Abundant Life Assembly of God Church in Cupertino and they’ve been operating nearly 40 years! We dance in the sanctuary, where I move the chairs into the shape of a square and teach the children to use their “sweetest voices” and “calmest bodies” to enter the sacred space and twirl and jump! These children are remarkably charitable; they are always helping each other, even after they say things like “not friends anymore!” They always seem to recover and re-friend.

Click here to make recurrent dance tuition payments for Village Little Preschool

Sunflower Learning Center
Wednesdays 10:40-11:10 AM and 11:10-11:40 AM

Sunflower Learning Center is an absolutely bustling bilingual preschool with a very rich creative activity program. The staff is warm and teaches both English and Chinese to the children. As a result of their methods, the children are gloriously focused! My youngest group comes in when they’re around 2 years old and already they’re practiced in following the teacher.