Online Ballet & Etiquette

Enroll in Ballet Class and Get So Much More!

Every body needs to move and every child needs to dream!

Our classes use ballet stories to teach young children the music, steps and etiquette of classical ballet. They will balance like Sleeping Beauty, kick like the Nutcracker Prince and leap like Firebird, all to these ballet’s entrancing orchestral music.

Social emotional learning is part of movement and that helps the children remember with great efficiency and affection!

We teach more than 20 ballet stories each year! To help our dancer better understand the ballets, and to give you a way to participate with them, we created Homeschooling Resources with optional, ballet inspired activities to engage the children in memorable aspect of the ballets, like the setting, special things about the environment, and the STEAM elements already part of the ballet’s story.

We reward good attendance and offer a weekly, optional “Social” where children can chat and practice their good manners.

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Online Ballet & Manners Enrollment


Our rich program provides engaging stories, focused movement and classical culture in every class.  All classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. Class size not to exceed 10 dancers. Class reminder emails offered on an opt-in basis. 

Toddler ballet program: Once a Week. Wednesday 10-1030am pacific time. $60/month. Developmentally appropriate approach to ballet fundamentals.

Preschool ballet and etiquette: Once a week, $55. Twice a week $75 Class times 11:30am-12pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. You choose which two class times.

High Performance Kindergarten Program: 2 classes/week $75
Class times 4:30-5pm pacific time. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays
You choose which two class times.

High Performance Elementary Program: 2 classes/week $75
Choose 2 days from Tuesdays & Thursdays 3:30-4pm Pacific time

Practice Politeness: 1 class/week $60
Wednesdays 5:15-5:45pm

This weekly gathering gives the dancers a chance to chat and practice their manners. Skills emphasized will include introductions, closures/greetings, taking turns and clarity of social conduct. Special Legacy Rate.

Online classes are modified versions of in-person classes like the one below.