These preschool enrichment classes occur on the premises of your child’s preschool. Classes take place for 30 minutes each week. The Academy’s curriculum revolves around the stories of the great ballets: we teach basic ballet skills and muscle awareness as a foundation for social grace and self-awareness. The children learn ballet steps and skills to the music of great ballets and practice the names of the composers.

Etiquette is a natural part of each lesson, as it is related to grace.

Each class ends with the story of a great ballet told alongside the music to help the child associate story and song.

If you would like to bring classes to your child’s preschool, please contact us.


Class fees are per month and can be made online with Memberful via the links next to each school or through Sara directly.

Dress Code

No specific dress is required, but we do ask that you avoid giving the children shoes with laces on the day of classes.

Registration form

Registration forms are available at most preschools but you can download and print out the form via this link.AcademyBalletSignUpForm

Classes in Silicon Valley

Below is a list of current classes held at Silicon Valley preschools organized by location.