Where to Go After Preschool Ballet

At some point, it’s necessary for my preschool dancers to graduate to a more serious dance school. I like to refer my dancers to the following teachers. Both are excellent; you must visit each teacher and choose which teacher you like more. Choosing a teacher is a matter of choosing a personality and the outcome of their training. Look at the ability of their students and judge what you would like to do. Dancers learn loyalty.

Academy of American Ballet
Julia Dugan’s dance Academy offers high calibre ballet classes of all levels as well as a few other styles, but her absolute accomplishment lies in her kinesthetic department. Standards are high in our field and accidents happen, which means prevention is crucial. Julia’s brought great people together to build a support system for the developing dancer; she offers a remarkable array of extracurricular strength training and body work including pilates, motio, and progressive ballet technique. Her Academy is also conveniently located on Middlefield in Redwood City, which is very helpful.

Dance Magic Karen Dycaico is the person who taught me to bring ballet to preschools and every class with her is a good time! She is Royal Ballet Academy trained and teaches children from 3-18. After a few decades at Pacific Ballet Academy, Karen Dycaico has struck out separately. You can find her via  and she is offering ballet lessons to children 6 and older at the Cubberley Comunity Center, 4000 Middlefield Road, Room J-6, Palo Alto, CA 94303.
Karen Dycaico  (650) 308 – 4739

The Bayer Ballet Academy is a Russian school (Vaganova style) owned and operated by Inna Bayer. Inna previously trained dancers at the SFBallet and came to the Peninsula to begin her own school. Her training is intense and the results are impeccable!