Free Gifts and Resources for Young Ballet Dancers

Please enjoy these happy little teaching tools, compliments of Academy of Ballet and Etiquette. 🌟

“The more we review, the smarter we get. And the more fun we have the more we want to review!”


Quick Links: STEAM/Homeschool Resources | Coloring Books | Podcast | Virtual Ballet Birthday | Puppet Stories | Ballet Booklets

Ballet Coloring Books

We have created coloring books that illustrate some of the steps learned in our curriculum. Each one can be downloaded and printed for hours of coloring and learning fun. Buttons bring you to the printable PDF file.

Itty Bitty Ballets Podcast

A perfect podcast for budding ballet dancers who’d like to twirl along–as well as for story lovers who would rather not dance at all! The Academy of Ballet and Etiquette tells the stories of sad but sweet swans, fascinating Firebirds, 7-year-old wolf hunters, dolls that come to life, and strong (if Sleeping) Beauties that inspire kingdoms! There is no shortage of thrilling ballet stories and, when put to their music, it’s easy to see how this timeless joy inspires even the non-dancers among us.

Available from most podcast outlets like Apple Podcast and Google Play!

Virtual Ballet Birthday Party!

Raymonda’s having a very special birthday…and so are you!!!

Come dance through her magical ballet birthday story!

Spoon Puppets for Ballet

Ballet Puppet Stories

Ballet Story Flipbooks – coming soon!

My dancers love to show their parents what they learned in ballet class. So I created these little books, to help you dance through the stories together at home! These flip books abbreviate the ballet story and provide illustrations to guide your journey through Firebird, Coppelia, Peter and the Wolf and many more!