Etiquette is the study of the soft skills seldom taught in schools: it begins with introductions and home safety and culminates in dining skills. Confidence in etiquette instills grace and self-assuredness.

The study of ballet promotes self-awareness and discipline. Our unique curriculum teaches both ballet technique and the stories of great ballets—instilling physical and mental skills as well as classical culture.

Together these studies help a child find grounding and strength as they live in social and scholastic circumstances that are constantly changing.

Below are the three categories of classes that the Academy offers.

Preschool Ballet & Etiquette

FEES & DRESS CODE  /  CLASSES IN SILICON VALLEY  /  EVENTS  /  BALLETS  / PHOTOS Formerly ‘Dance with Miss Sara”. These preschool enrichment classes occur on the premises of your preschool. Classes take place for 30 minutes each week. The Academy’s curriculum revolves around the stories of the great ballets: we teach basic ballet skills … Continue reading Preschool Ballet & Etiquette

Manners for ages 3-5

This ten lesson course teaches the curriculum of the American School of Protocol. Children will learn how to meet new people, the rules of introductions, telephone manners, thank you notes, and dining (five courses). Later in the fall, we will also offer an optional petiquette lesson (upon request). Each lesson lasts 50-60 minutes. Lessons are … Continue reading Manners for ages 3-5

Domestic Etiquette ages 5-18

This 6 lesson course instructs children and teens in the principles of domestic etiquette, all of which are founded on consideration for others, common sense and kindness. Students will learn the four rules of introduction, how to write a proper thank you note, dining skills, telephone manners, safety rules and character education.