Building confidence in body, mind and spirit through the culture of classical ballet.


Etiquette is the study of the soft skills seldom taught in schools: it begins with introductions and home safety and culminates in dining skills. Confidence in etiquette instills grace and self-assuredness.


The study of ballet promotes self-awareness and discipline. Our unique curriculum teaches both ballet technique and the stories of great ballets—instilling physical and mental skills as well as classical culture.

Together these studies help a child find grounding and strength as they live in social and scholastic circumstances that are constantly changing.

The Academy offers two separate areas of study: Etiquette for children, and our unique ballet and etiquette curriculum designed for the preschooler.

“It is clear Ms. Sara has a talent and passion for guiding children to learn about the fine arts of storytelling and history of dance through movement and grace! It’s always a popular class, the children have so much fun. I would recommend her services to anyone.”

-Ms. Milinh, Head of School at Cabrillo Montessori School

Sara Vizcarrondo, Founder & President

Sara Vizcarrondo brings ballet and etiquette lessons to preschools around Silicon Valley. She was trained in Vaganova ballet from a young age and danced with the Solano Civic Ballet until college, finishing as Snow Queen in the Nutcracker and soloist in Giselle. She holds a certification to teach etiquette from the American School of Protocol.

The loveliest thing a young person can do is see something nice and say, “thank you!”

-Miss Sara
The Bird from Prokofiev’s Peter & The Wolf spins a Soutenu
The Cat from Prokofiev’s Peter & The Wolf jumps Pas de Chat